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Official Corporate Training Website 2014 onwards


Are you crazy about training?


This site deals with all your training needs.


Training provides you with the skills to achieve a number of objectives.


This training website allows you to strategize and paint your future through training. This is a your training blog.



Official Website Question 1:


Are you looking for IT training or soft skills?


Official Website Question 2:


If IT skills?



Official Website Question 3:

Do you  want to do part Time Courses or dedicate a full day?


Official Website Question 4:

Are you interested in undertaking soft skills. There are a wide range of soft skills that one can undertake.


The range includes

Human Resources Courses

Advanced Interpersonal Skills
Black Economic Empowerment Fundamentals
Business Ethics – A Practical Guide

Business Protocol & Etiquette
Disciplinary Hearings


Developing Positive Assertiveness
Diversity Management Training

Effective Disciplinary Hearing
Training Course

Sales and marketing courses

Internet Marketing Essentials
Marketing Fundamentals
Negotiating Skills

Entrepreneurship and Business Courses

Building and Working in Teams
Business Protocol & Etiquette
Essentials of Business Management (3 DAY “MBA”)

Business Finance and book-keeping

Basic Business Finance
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Investing & Trading – Long term

Management Development Courses

Advanced Interpersonal Skills
Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course
Assertiveness Skills Training Course

Project Management Training

Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Intermediate
Project Management Advanced

Microsoft Project



For more information contact www.boti.co.za


Voiceperfect.org also offers interesting training as it relates to voice.




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